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Canada 150 Project (2017)

150 Years – Canada Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Artistic Director, Ken Fast
Ken Fast – Artistic Director, Writer
Eric Spoeth – Film Director, Producer, Cinematography, Film editing
David Baron – Director of Photography, Cinematography
Amy Myshak- Assistant Director
Ezra Noster – Set
Thaimu Turay – Sound Recordist
Jonathan Holeton – Visual Effects, Set Props
Udo Mueller – Music Director
Larry Kelly – Lighting technician
Lindsay Robinson – 1st Camera Assistant
In House Art Director – Marina Blake
Dance Director – Eva Miller
Advertising – Zack Hale
Hair/Makeup – Lise DeMoissac
Visual Makeup Artist – Ashley McKessock

Dixie Coleman …………. Future Lisa
Kamryn Coleman ………………… Lisa
Mathieu Malo………………….Edward
Udo Mueller…………Future Edward
Kristi Tanasichuk…..Future Susan
Tianna Tanasichuk…………….Susan
Leonard Wade…Indigenous Elder
Mariah Wade…….Indigenous Girl

Dawn Bruins
Addison Champagne
Rhiana Champagne
Marina Champagne
Divinity Evans
Tami Gadwa
Randy Hawk
Emily Kotowich
Megan Pashko
Nancy Pratch (Horsemanship/riding)
Emma Robertson (Dancer)
Febe Barcena Unaganalverez
Lynda Young (Dancer)
Ryan Zalaski

This is a multimedia journey for all ages to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. What is multimedia? There will be film, dance, music, art, and theatre all rolled up in one dynamic performance using amazing local talent from our community and the surrounding area!

Over 10 hours of site work and numerous volunteer hours went into the making of this production. Thank you to everyone who participated in or attended this event.

Date: October 27 – 28, 2017
Location: All Saints Ukrainian Cultural Centre
Hosted by: St. Paul & District Arts Foundation


“Attending this event was money well spent—the decor, the acting, the film, dance, song…EVERYTHING was perfect. I felt a range of emotions throughout, including pride and regret. Pride to have been born and raised in this Country, and proud of the people who contributed their gifts, talents, and abilities to this performance. The regret/remorse I felt was in the realization that my ancestors looked out for their fellow-man and helped one another out because they were all struggling to survive and learn how to live in this country, but today we mostly look out for only ourselves and our immediate family. Just like our ancestors we have set-backs and challenges in our daily life, but we’ve grown apart as a society. We’ve forgotten how to watch out for one another and truly lean on, or help each other out with everyday life. It made me reflect and wonder if all of the current world events would bring about change that would remind us that we need one another as we are all part of the same fabric. Kindness, compassion and acceptance for one another is not dead…but I/we need to demonstrate more of it.” 

“It was an excellent show! Very creative. I highly recommend it to anyone.”

Special Thanks To: